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Kein Mehrheit Furh Die Mitleid which is German for "No Pity for the Majority."

The best band ever; The best band to see live.

Currently composed of: Sascha Konietzko (The Käpt'n), Raymond Watts, Lucia Cifarelli, Jules Hodgson, Andy Selway.
KMFDM is the greatest band to walk the face of the Earth.
by MissIndustrial April 16, 2004
1. Mastermind behind the band KMFDM.
2. God

see also kmfdm
Sascha Konietzko is the coolest!
by MissIndustrial April 17, 2004
The lead singer from the band Orgy. He is incredibly stuck up, loves attention, and is very arrogant. While he may be good looking, his attitude ruins that. At the age of 37, he still needs his dad to do just about everything for him.
Jay Gordon is an arrogant whiny loser.
by MissIndustrial June 03, 2004
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