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Kein Mehrheit Furh Die Mitleid = No Pity for the Majority.
The Fathers of industrial rock who are still better than the best.
KMFDM is a drug against war!
by TheManTheMythTheLegend November 11, 2003
The throbing sinister beat that wakes the dead from their graves. Created by Sascha Konietzko (Ze Kaptain K).
see: KMFDM
I heard the ultra heavy beat throbing in my head for days after I saw KMFDM last week.
by TheManTheMythTheLegend November 05, 2003
Proliferated by the British imperialists of the 1800's in order to perpetrate negativity, it is now a term of endearment used among poly-folk as a way to rebuke old, outdated notions of the word's previous coinage as a heinous racial slur, much in the same way that certain groups have chosen to redefine terms which have been ignorantly applied to them in the past. The term polywog in the 21st century is now defined as a new face that has entered into a poly-community, poly-database, poly-relationship, and/or amusement park housing one or more rollercoasters which can reach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. Warning: Anyone can use this word, however, an individual doing so in an adverse manner shall lose all ability to receive cuddles for the duration of their negative stance until a suitable apology in writing has been signed in triplicate and one copy of which has been brought before the council at the Ministry of Polyamory. See also, Polyamorous , polyamory , poly , rollercoaster
Let's go ride Kingda Ka, my polywogs.

The other day a someone called me a, "Polywog." I guess I'm part of the group now!

A cute polywog, Samantha, showed up on my polyamory forum last night.
by Themanthemyththelegend November 02, 2013
When you pour chile w/meat on a girls chest and then titty fuck them.
I gave Krista a titties con carne
by TheManTheMythTheLegend November 02, 2003
That would be me!
I am the man the myth the legend
by TheManTheMythTheLegend November 02, 2003

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