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Any comedian who, after being heckled, says some nasty things about afro-americans.
KKKramer: I'm deeply, deeply sorry for using the N-word.

(audience laughter)

Jerry: Don't laugh, it's not funny.
by Chernorizets Hrabr November 21, 2006
A victim of racism but as the racist are black it's OK.
KKKramer shouldn't worry his hecklers will probably be killed by other brothers.
by benth July 10, 2008
Someone who seems cool, but then blows up and goes off on racist rants.
Her boyfriend seemed cool, but then this Asian guy cut us off in traffic and we turned into K.K.Kramer.
by Anthony Wilson December 04, 2006
A white who told the niggers fucking with him that they were niggers.
It's okay for niggers to fuck with whites. But if the white tells them they're niggers he's a racist or a KKKramer.
by wjc July 10, 2008
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