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Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti
(Committee for State Security)

The Russian intelligence agency, similar to America's CIA.
"Vladimir Putin seems like an ok guy, but some worry because he's ex-KGB."
by Dave April 16, 2004
The all-powerful intelligence and security service of the U.S.S.R. during the Cold War. Ultimate successor to Cheka. Disbanded into the SVR and the FSB in 1991.
The Cheka were one of the many forerunners of the KGB.
by Dancing with Fire September 03, 2012
The KGB were simply the Russian Secret Police. Pronounced "Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti." In Russian it means "Committee for State Security."

The KGB acted as:

-The Soviet internal security.
-The Soviet intelligence agnecy.
-And the Soviet secret police.

They came into formation in 1954, and died when the chairman, Vladimir Kryuchkov tried to overthrow president Gorbachev.

They were tough, ruthless, and badass. Using torture and execution to solve the Soviet Unions problems.
My grandfather was an officer of the KGB.
by NudieZippo December 15, 2005
Russian Komitet gosudarstvennoi bezopasnosti
Hes an Ex-KGB member.
by KGB December 14, 2003
Russian equivalent of the US CIA.
Dwight: Knock, knock.
Michael: Who's there?
Dwight: KGB.
Michael: KGB - (Dwight slaps Michael)
Dwight: (in Russian accent) We will ask the questions!
by KushyKiwi April 26, 2011
the russian spy organization that answers almost any question for a dollar.often resulting in a good laugh.
KGB the question"if i have sex with a preachers daughter will the holy water in her vagina eat off my penis?" the answer was"if anything it will purify and bless it."
by the chippster February 14, 2010
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