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Something I started seeing on insta recently, meaning kindly follow back.
Laquisha: hi I'm an attention seeking whore and I just followed you, KFB! :)
#kfb #kindly #follow #back #insta #instagram.
by JONESYGRAM August 13, 2014
Kentucky fried babies
Fuck kfc I'm goin to kfb get me someone fried babies
#kentucky #fried #babies #kfc #dead babies
by Yodamaster104 March 24, 2010
Kill It, Fuck It, Burn It
Bit of an in joke in our work office between helpdesk members. Nice solution to some problems.
Hardware is annoying you and your getting pissed off, rather than saying for fucks sake or similar just use KFB instead.
#kill #fuck #burn #shit #motherfucker
by PUGTON October 15, 2013
Stands for Ka-friggin Boom!! A term used in the gasoline, chemical or fire safety industries for an explosion or potential explosion that is often easily preventable.
Don't forget to check for fumes before using that saw near that tank or we'll have a KFB on our hands.
#fire #explosion #closed coffin #dead #ablaze
by fetmeister May 10, 2009
First word: ker.
Second word: blooey
When something explodes.
Don't strike that match or the whole thing will go KFB.
by t-dot February 10, 2005
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