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Contrary to popular belief, a KEGGAR is actually spelled with an "AR", because an "ER" is an emergency room, and it's too stressful to think about going to the ER.

A KEGGAR is an outdoor party, usually in the wilds (preferably in an almond grove near Chico, Calif.), featuring beer in red cups and local music. The same keg of beer can be smuggled into a high-profile concert (such as the Grateful Dead in 1974 at University of Neveda, Reno) as a wounded war veteran bound to his wheelchair, completely unbeknownst to security.
Who is the guy in the wheelchair? Bullet Keggar
by Silvery Bullet April 24, 2011
Variant of kegger, a party with multiple kegs of beer.
Are you going to tri-delts keggar on thursday?
by harryandloyde February 18, 2004