An abbreviation for Key Cutter; someone who attacks people with keys.
Kevin: (Slingshots rocks nearby).
Katie: WTF?! (Picks up keys).
Kevin: Oh shit, (Katie attacks with keys).
Your a fucking KC.
by kingdomkz July 28, 2008
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An amazing guy who isn't the cutest around, but will definitely sweep you off your feet. He's amazing during foreplay and better during sex. His personanlity is wonderful and he knows how to have an intimate conversation. He's afraid to get close to a lot of people because he's been hurt several times. He never wants to scare a girl away or hurt anybody. He's afraid that he might overdo some stuff or say the wrong thing, but nothing can ever make it sound wrong. He is the absolute sweetest guy in the entire worls. Hands down.
Heather: i'm falling for KC.
Kris:I can tell. How can you not? He's perfect.
by Chilli_Pepper June 26, 2009
A city known for barbecued ribs and a love of sports. Also known for being located mostly in Missouri, not Kansas.
I went to KC to meet my grandmother.
by Herman D. Optional July 31, 2004
K.C., as in the Messiah known as K.C. Guthrie of the Church of DeGrassi, stands for Kerking Creationist. God created him in his own image so homo sapiens of the female flavour could kerk to. All night long, if they so desire.

Nicole: BRB KERKING!!!!
by DTNG_UNCENSORED October 24, 2009
Kangaroo Crew, A sick jumpstyle crew coming straight out of San Diego.
Raver 1:Did you see K.-C. at that rave last night?

Raver 2:Totally dude they're jumpstyle kicked ass!
by (Electro ✩ Kitty) August 30, 2010
A really chill dude. Sweetest guy you'll ever meet, but is a real fucking misfit with his friends. Likes to party. An amazing guitarist. Kind of keeps to himself, but isn't exactly "shy". Really artistic and genuine. Good kisser. Really caring.
KC always tears up any competitors if a guitar is involved.
by BlueOceans232 October 14, 2012
Kc, a sexy younger sister of an obese Person.
"Oh she's a lard, but at least she has a kc."
by bkin November 30, 2009
Short-form for Convent of the holy infant jesus katong.

Girls school.Most of the students there are bimbos. Saint anthony's canossian (SACSS) hates KC for some reason. KC is full of cliques. Admission to this school is relatively hard since people have to be catholic or have family members as alumni to get in. Most KC girls can speak french and cantonese. Students like to make the top of their pinafore puffy so that their skirt will be short.
Girl 1:I am pretty enough?
Girl 2:Stop acting like a KC girl!!
by Tabatha=) April 27, 2011

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