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Kc, a sexy younger sister of an obese Person.
"Oh she's a lard, but at least she has a kc."
by bkin November 30, 2009
41 41
A very tall girl that plays Volleyball, but has spaghetti arms and is very lanky

no one knows her real name so people guess like

Kitty Cat
King Cobra
Karate Chop
Kettle Corn
Knoodle Cup
Kangaroo Cheese
and so on
1:Hey have you seen that new girl ??

2:yeah the new Vball player?

1:Yes she is so KC
by 2Mothdre July 27, 2011
24 26
is short fo kansas city
nigga I'm from k.c. boy
by P Nwaneri August 31, 2005
32 34
Short-form for Convent of the holy infant jesus katong.

Girls school.Most of the students there are bimbos. Saint anthony's canossian (SACSS) hates KC for some reason. KC is full of cliques. Admission to this school is relatively hard since people have to be catholic or have family members as alumni to get in. Most KC girls can speak french and cantonese. Students like to make the top of their pinafore puffy so that their skirt will be short.
Girl 1:I am pretty enough?
Girl 2:Stop acting like a KC girl!!
by Tabatha=) April 27, 2011
10 13
polish shortcut for I Love You PL : Kocham Cię
she: kc.

he: ily too
by justt March 27, 2010
21 26
KC = Keep Crying
Evan- I am so shit at cricket Billy- KC
by mattyboui April 09, 2010
25 31
a kick ass guitar hero player with a terrible emo flip problem
1) dude use star power
2) i cant because i have hair in my face
1) pull a KC and flip it while u play
2) **flips** **executes star power**
by Tyler KC May 28, 2008
61 78