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It's a Swedish shortening for "go just go" in Swedish "Kör Bara Kör".
"Should I drink this Jagermeister shot? I've got an exam tomorrow?"
" - KBK!!"

"Ska jag verkligen ta den här jägershoten? Jag har prov imorgon?"
" - KBK!"
by lulzluz October 12, 2013
A Upstate New York Gang Affialiated with the crips, and G.D. Folk Gang. Started in Monticello, NY. They are majorly spreading across the state of NY. Apearing on many news channels with news of being arrested.

Started In a Trailor Park Intitled Kinnebrook. This being their main teritory. They show their affilation by wearing orange, tilted hats to the left, orange,black, or blue bandana's. Also Some tatoo, or write KIDS across their knuckles standing for: Kings In the Damn Streets.

Although the orignal members are no more, you can still go across NY and see tags and such of people who carry on this set.

Also KBK stands for KinneBrook Kids, later changed to Kinnebrook Kings. Also many know them as Kinnebrook Killas.

Kinnebrook to them represents any hood, or ghetto. Their for their gang title Kinnebrook Kings (Kings of the Ghetto) makes sence.
by Mr.Gangsta August 27, 2008
Short for "Koga Boli Kurac" (Serbian) - literally translated - Who's dick hurts, - meaning who gives a shit/fuck.
- Dude how's my hair?
- Man, KBK!

- 'Ej jes' cuo da se razvodi Natasa Bekvalac?
- Brate, KBK?!
by mascaraeyes January 29, 2011
KBK is a Click in upstate newyork who carry weapons and arent afraid to bang out. They orginated in Kinnebrook a Modular Home Park in New York. They are true to the street.

KBK: Kinnebrook Killas
KBK: Kinnebrook Kings
KBK: Kinnebrook Kids
Yo you rocking that orange KBK flag nigga?
by MxJxB June 21, 2006
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