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A character in the hit anime/manga series, InuYasha, by Rumiko Takahashi. This demon controls man-eating wolves. He has shards of the Jewel in his right arm and feet. He uses Kagome in his battle with the gokurakucho. He falls in love with Kagome at first sight, and makes enough passes at her to anger Inuyasha.

Koga's name means "Steel Fang."

Alternate spelling: Kouga
"Because he 'has a tiny heart,' says Sota, Inuyasha is green with jealousy of Koga, who makes repeated passes at Kagome."
by Chika July 21, 2005
A unique variation of relaxation exercises that control the movement of a central tension point throughout the body. Once initiated, the tension point must be passed along through the body in a specific manner as to not cause pain or harm. As defined by me.
Daily Koga exercises help relax the sole and mind.
by KSS August 19, 2005
The second largest being on the planet, only bested by the cpoc. Known to throw wild fits of depression and 'Riots of the Soda.'
In Africa, there are many kogas.
by SHOH February 18, 2003
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