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the noise crows make.
nikki: KAW!
marsha: KAW! imma crow!
joe: stop trying to be crows..
by crowsFTW November 02, 2009
Kingdoms at War. A war based strategy game made by A Thinking Ape currently for the computer, iDevice and Android

It's mainly played by teenage to adult males and is a great deal of fun.
Dude 1: What game are you playing?
Dude 2: I'm playing KaW!
Dude 1: Ohhh cool!
Dude 2: Yeah my clan is epic! We're totally pwning this Epic Battle!
by Taylor SplitSound February 22, 2012
slang for hello, or a greeting
(tony calls dave)
Tony:shazzam!...what up dave?
Dave:Kaw! not much you?
by TRIN-V June 10, 2006
World domination through the power of positive thinking and outlandish work ethic. Generating success through the "work hard, play hard" environment while caring and helping others reach a milestone in their career.
Today is my day to start KAWS Marketing.
by GreatOpportunity August 08, 2012
Means the same as wak (i.e. wak backwards). Someone who is not in the right mental state. Good for calling someone wak without them knowing
You are so kaw Fred!
by Rudager69 August 31, 2006
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