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A person / fucking annoying retard who loves k-pop (korean popular music) to death. They know songs by heart by listening to it once or twice and they can often name more than 100 k-pop artists, with their songs.
K-poptard is a mix of the words k-pop, retard, turd and poptart.
K-poptards often group together when left in an unknown environment, or a confined space, where they feel insecure. They then discuss their favourite subject, and by this annoy the shit out of everybody else.
Person 1: Did you hear the new song of Hyuna?
Person 2: Yeah omg, do you mean bubble pop or change?
Person 1: Change is out. Bubble pop of course! Ass dance moves ftw!
Person 2: Bubble bubble bubble pop!
*they sing the song together and do the dance*
Person 3: oh my god shut the fuck up k-poptards!
by SparkleGlitterCakes September 27, 2011
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