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Kamel Red Cigarettes. RJ Reynolds launched Kamel Reds in 1913 as an upscale version of Camels. However, because of the depression, K-Reds didn't last past 1936 before the company dropped them. It wasn't until 1996 that they were re-established, along with Kamel Red Lights.
"K-Reds are back after 80 years for no good reason except they taste good." - Promo slogan
by Codie December 07, 2006
KRED is the rewards currency of KREDPAL, an on-line gaming points system with universal exchange potential.

People can earn KRED just by playing certain games and reaching certain levels.
I just won 1000 KRED.
I can't tidy my room, I'm earning KRED.
I can't date you tonight, I'm staying in earning Kred.
I just swapped my KRED points for physical prizes.
by kred leader March 10, 2011

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