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k-feditis, not to be confused with thugitis,is a condition that could plague males in the youthful, useless, mooching stages of their lives. Symptoms include a bad, slurred speech pattern, "thug"-ish clothing that fails to fit the average human body, hair that is disheveled, k-mart highlighted and oddly resembles the texture of pubic hair, a tan straight out of a bottle, a gold-digging edge, and the need to establish a rapping career based off of an imaginary slang word that would, in said diseased person's mind, signify an ass-shaking hit. Many diagnosed with K-feditis start their lives with useless careers, such as back up dancers, or mooching off of their parents. K-feditis can be easily cured with a lobotomy and a shower. It can also affect men of many cultures, but has shown to be particularly common with men of confused cultural identity.
"That boy has severe K-Feditis of the face, he can't stop flinching or saying "popozao"."

"T's K-Feditis is severe, his pants are almost around his ankles and his hair is getting kind of crispy."

"Why'd she marry that K-Feditisite? He's totally out to use her money to launch his rap career."
by Prudence Savvy August 12, 2006
a condition in which a male acts as if he is straight out of Joullan Heights.
That boy is inflicted with k-feditis. How sad.
by Shishaholic August 12, 2006
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