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Its the word "Guy" but the "G" is replaced with a "J" for the following reason. If you are of the Juy breed then you follow the following rules...

1- No smoking of any kind (unless in Amsterdam).
2- Must be able to drink a significant amount of Alcohol.
3- Plays xbox.
4- Has an Apple product of some shorts.
5- Can get any girl he desires if actually tries to.
6- No cheating on any Girlfriend EVER.
7- Must follow the significant JUY rating system.

Only the official Juy's are able to allow another Guy to become a Juy. Only through specific Juy testing.
Girl #1: OMG look at those two Guys over there.

Girl #2: Those are not just Guys, Their Juy's.

Girl #1: Very true, way to classy to be just normal Guys.

Girl #3: OH SHIT... HERE COME THE JUYS; fix your hair and everything AAAAHHHH !!!!
by The True Juy October 17, 2011
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Something that comes out of a crack in assorted colors of the rainbow, A juy comes out of the lower buttocks region of the body. a juy is NEVER the same color twice. A juy is completely edible but not very tastey. I reccomend put it in a bowl of milk with cut up bananas.
You are a frikin Juy! MMMMM tastey
by Jesse & Aaron August 27, 2004
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