A very cute, shy guy at first but once you get to know him he is really sweet. For a little while. Then you develop feelings for him and he says he feels the same but then you see him with another girl telling her the same thing. He is secretly a douchebag. F*ck you Justin.
-Oh guys guess what! I'm dating a new guy named Justin, I think I might love him!
-Um he is a douchebag you can do better!
by lifesuckslol January 20, 2013
A sexy, intelligent, devilishly charming man, who pretends to be an asshole, but is, in reality, a big, cuddly teddy bear. He's also very, VERY well-endowed and does ridiculously sexy Southern and Cajun accents.
"Oh my God, he's such a justin! He's ruined me for all other men."
by akaalias October 04, 2011
Massive bicep, hot, shy but all you have to do is get him out of his shell...HOT
Hey, that guy is a total Justin
by Alpaca lover September 16, 2011
Having been knighted 6 or more times by the king of England.
Rudy Guiliani is one sixth of a Justin (A.K.A. he has only been knighted once) :(
by hollybear November 19, 2010
A name for the Cutest, nicest, funniest guy ever. He is also the best boyfriend EVER!!! He is kinda short (but i know he will grow), he has blonde-ish brown-ish hair and hazel eyes. He has the Cutest laugh and is just plain AMAZING!
I love my AMAZING Justin.
by AwesomestChikaEver(: October 07, 2010
The best person you will ever meet. Kind heart, caring loving, and best in bed. Tall, very good looking, likes to please the ladies. Worthy of being best friends with but thinks he is always right. A very sexy guy without a doubt, is a player. Goes for the hot girls with a nice ass and big tits.
Whoooaaa! Did you just see that Justin?
by RaeRae6969 April 27, 2011
One of the most kind hearted people you will ever meet. Flawless moral character and an accent to die for. He tries hard at everything he does, and has many hidden talents that could surprise you. It's easy to get lost in his blue eyes when he sings, or just in general. He over thinks things way to much, but the end result is perfect. You will never meet another one like him so hold on.
Justin is the cutest and sweetest cowboy I've ever met!

Justin is truly different than any other guy!
by missingmactown August 30, 2012

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