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Exact recplicant of Thad. Also known at times to change from Thad into a huge fag. Huge gamer, addicted to watching a pixeled screen for atleast 18 hours a day. When this doesnt happen he slips into a havoc state causing the shrinking of the penis and the attention of ugly chicks.
"Dude Justin do u want to go party over at mitch's tonight"
"Cant dude I got a raid and u know what happens when I skip game time!"
by Devon!!!!!!!!!!!1111111 January 04, 2008
163 506
Sexy, without flaw, loving, kindhearted, name for someone that is special to you, thoughtful.
1:Hey, honey
1:I bought you some flowers
2:Your such a Justin, I love you!!!
by Justin Majors September 28, 2007
14246 7171
a ridiculously huge cock
he's hung like justin
by joseph furfluffen October 19, 2007
10648 7011
1. an awesome dude who could take over the world
3.has tons of friends
person 1: i just got back from taking over the world and curing the common cold with my 67630 friends

person 2: You're a real justin
by Larry apple potato January 06, 2008
6872 4972
One who has a huge cock and please's the ladies.
Look at him! He is like a Justin!
by michael12345 January 24, 2008
5651 4517
-One of the sweetest guys you will ever meet. Any girl would be lucky to call him hers. He's very thoughtful, handsome, hilarious, and adorable. Although he is shy, once he starts to open-up, he will become a great friend. Man of every girls' dreams.
A prince came Justin time.
by emuhlee_b October 16, 2011
2379 1410
Amazingly bodasious dude that can overcome all and in some point in time will take over the world. Commonly used to describe someone of high status and is alot of fun to be around.
"That Guy Is Justin"
by )(urley December 15, 2008
2739 2070
adj. to describe someone or something that simply put is "just incredible".
Omg, Tanner was justin last night!
by Princess Katherine October 23, 2005
2982 2352