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Possibly the worst singer that has ever lived on the face of the Earth ever.
Doug! OMG! Thank you so much for getting me these JUstin Bieber tickets! These seats are right next to the stage! I can see him!

Yeah thats why I brought this gun.
by Matt Spouse February 02, 2011
A cock sucking fagot who thinks he can sing, but he can't at all. All of his songs go "ooh baby, ooh baby" and the only reason he is probably saying that is cause he is getting ass fucked. He is one of the worst things ever to happen to music along with The Naked Brothers Band, Hannah Montana (whore), Big Time Rush (more like big flaming fagots) and almost everything else from Disney or Nickelodeon.
Dumbass Girl: Did you hear the new Justin Bieber song?

Guy: Oh you mean the cock sucking fagot?

Dumbass Girl: No the cutest guy ever!

Guy: Your a fucking retarded bitch.
by Ricky and Cleatus December 30, 2010
his girlish voice will make your ears bleed, he will be the cause of the end of the world

Justin Bieber better watch out Chuck Norris will find him and juice his head with his bear hands
Justin Bieber:baby baby baby ohhhhhh!!!
People all over the country: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!my ears are bleeding

Justin Bieber *walking backstage
Chuck Norris spins around in chair "ive been expecting you"
Justin bieber" oh shit"
by NorthParkLOL November 07, 2011
Justin Bieber is a young teenage boy who's believed to have not yet reached puberty. Many people think he's homosexual. His fans defend him by typing in upper case letters, many being completely illiterate. He's the next biggest thing with kids aged between 8-15 years - their love for Miley Cyrus and The Jo Bro's seeming to have completely fizzled out. Within a year or so he'll be just another washed up star, or let's certainly hope so!
Normal person: *Hears Justin Bieber on the radio*
Oh god he's everywhere, where does it end?!

by Kayels92 April 11, 2011
The ultimate archetype of everything that's wrong with the music industry. Country boy turned wannabe gangster. Succubus to legions of parasitic humanoids who feed off popularity, i.e tweens. Worshipped by armies of fans who wouldnt know a decent tune if it came up to them and slapped their face repeatedly with a wet fish. Also has a legion of haters who seem to realise this also. Doesn't know what Germany is. Has a weird crush on sex crazed Rihanna, exhibiting typical stalker behaviour. Is one of a growing number of music figures whose real talent is overshadowed by their ability to sell an image of 'the next big thing' (if any). A corporate tool for music companies who should get the hint and realise their marketable teenybopper trash is killing off what is left of decent music.
Dont you just want to punch Justin Bieber in the face when he states 'who wants to make out with me right now?' during his Never say Never video? I know I do...
by Firelovesugar April 09, 2011
the worst singer ever. his music sounds completely ridiculous, got into it with tom brady stating that he stole it from him, but in reality, a 35 year old quarterback has more rights to the haircut then him. he has a high pitch voice, he thinks he can dance but really just dances like a faggot. no originality in his songs due to just being about selena gomez. in fact why did i say he? justins gender is unknown. they claim justin is a he but i don't believe it. hes a pop singer that really isn't good along with lady gaga, kesha, katy perry, etc. i don't like pop music because of him and these contributors. and i could go on and on but this has to end.
12 year old fan: OmG It'S JuStIn BiEbEr!!

Any sane person: is that a cat dying?!
by SwiftyBSpydar July 02, 2011
An untalented person with bad hair that needs serious counseling.
"Yo! Sometimes Bon'Qui'Qui can be such a Justin Bieber!"
by jalisa2170 February 04, 2012