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Originally derived from the Lucky Luke expression "Jupe", the word deteriorated, because of extensive use on MSN, in a new word: "Juep".

It’s meaning is still the same as in it’s original form:
"An affirmative answer to a question or remark, which doesn’t interest you enough, for you to come up with a real meaningful reaction."
"Man, Face Tomorrow kicks ass!!!11"

“Troy is gonna suck, I just know it”
by sneakyhomunculus April 29, 2004
Originally an expression commonly used in Lucky Luke comics, it gained new ground in MSN conversations. Its meaning hasn't changed, though:

"A short affirmative answer to a question or remark"

In contrast to the word it later changed in: Juep; the usage of Jupe doesn't have to derive out of lack of interest.
"The Italian icecream from Capri is really good."

"Let's go to the movies."
by sneakyhomunculus April 29, 2004
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