A beautiful and lovable Asian girl who seems very shy but once you get to know her never shuts up. She hates racist remarks against Asians and is always smiling. Many guys like her but are too scared to ask her out. She is perfect in every way.
Guy 1: That girl is beautiful!
Guy 2: Must be a June!
by Anonymous whoami November 15, 2011
A versatile word that is numerous in meanings. Originating in Sydney, Australia, and developed by Robbo (the big june), it is used in the phrase to "june out". Since its origination in Sydney, it has spread via BBC to international status. To june out means to alter ones state of mind. It can occur from excessive consumption of alcohol, or when one is perhaps day dreaming in a class at school. It may also be used as a title, where "the big june" means to be one of the greats.
"Oh man, i was juning out massively in maths this morning!!"

"Jonathan Batty is the Big June"
by Chris928s October 01, 2007
gorgeous girl, usually a burnette, has an amazing body. very uncommon name in todays world. when you meet a june consider yourself lucky;) they are sincere and love to have fun. she likes to spend time with her girls but always makes time for the man in her life. sometimes athletic, but very very very very outgoing and overall AMAZING
very very smart
somewhat naive
sometimes not so smart
very headstrong and doesnt take shit from anyone
very unique and her own person
soooo hot, all the guys want her
sometimes has self-confidences issuesss
doesnt believe that she is beautiful until someone important in her life tells her that she is
if you ever meet a june, have sex with her.
damnnnn look at her, she must be a june;)
by jgirl123 July 06, 2011
Is very beautiful from head to toe. She has natural beautiful hair. She usually has beautiful colored eyes but are only shown in daylight. Has a beautiful figure. Does not dress to impress so she wears anything comfortable but when needed can be very stunning in style. June has a pure and loving heart who tends to do things for people who do not deserve her aide. She is strong good-heart and overall is natural. However never make a June angry for she can go to extreme measures. Some may also call them crazy B****es. You never want to pissoff a june.Never underestimate a June. Junes will do anything to keep everyone happy even if it means self sacrifices.
A girl is randomly swearing : She must be A June
by tanielo1523 December 05, 2013
A name usually given to incredibly intelligent, beautiful,funny and all round awesome women. A June is usually very talented and outgoing.
Oh! That genius June did it again, isn't she great?
by March 16, 2015
It is very , very rare to meet a man named June , if you do you have met someone whose parents had a sense of humor, you have also met someone with a strong sense of self worth, determined and extremely confidant. Male Junes also tend to be very attractive and are very sexual in nature. Male Junes have been described with the following terms , strong, sexy, sensitive, intelligent , witty,and compassionate.
If that girl was a man she would be a June.
by Boomer the 1st February 03, 2010
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