Top Definition
Jeans fashioned into underwear
"hey bruce, mint jundies, I've got a raging hard on!"
by Triplezero December 08, 2011
jean shorts that are so short there basically undies
dammm girl, those are some jundies
by shelbs94 July 22, 2013
A dirty smelly person of foreign descent who has a poo-tash and a schneibly
Oh look over there at the dirty jundy, what a tramp!
by Jundy April 30, 2014
someone who commands respec where ever they go. often given to the accepted leader of a group of friends.`this person will almost certainly be blench and adept at taming 50's down the gym. generally a no nonsense top geezer not to messed with. fuck with him at your peril. words linked to such a person often include smooth, uba cool and mature.
James Bond is very much jundy
by sir kotchalot September 16, 2005
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