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While some people may think it is a sport, it is not. It is reserved for little kids, rockey, and older people that have no life. Usually performed by females, some males may also jump rope. they are just like male cheerleaders; just because they say they're doing it because theres a bunch of girls, they're really gay and we all know it. While the whirring noise of the rope wizzing past ones head may induce feelings of euphoria, it is not recommended for anyone trying to get laid by a legal aged specimen of the opposite sex
"O shit, did you see Bill jumping rope?"
Yeh i did, what a fag.
"but there's a few girls, he says he is gonna get with one of them."
No, he's been doing this his whole life and never touched their pussy, he is gay, he jumps rope.
"But that girl over there likes it"
yeh but she's 12.
"good point, bill is gay"
by dirtymike72 January 18, 2009
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