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an excercise spreading legs and arms out-up and back in -down. Jumping snow angels.
How many jumping jacks can you do in 1 minute?
by Glory Choe November 04, 2008
amazing sex between two amazing people. May happen while:

-being underwater
-being upside-down
-rolling down a hill
-being in public
-being anywhere or doing anything
Jumping Jacks are a really good cardio exercise. We pretty much do them all the time.
by SpongcakeOmNomNom August 24, 2009
1. A common name for a flasher who is someone who flashes their genitals to a stranger (generally in the street)
2. A form of exercise similar to star jumpes
1. Oh god, did you hear about Nicole getting flashed by a jumping jack?
He flashed her and ran off.

2. Have you done your jumping jacks yet?
by jaffaw February 25, 2012
the act of spreading jelly on the inner crest of your leg while smearing crunchy peanut butter into those sweaty palms of your hands. When pb&j applied jump up and down while slapping your palms into the inner thigh with someone under you with an open mouth and break in the mouth.

very delicious way to make an excellent pb&j crunchy delight
"I'm full from all those jumping jacks Fred"
by pewpew bam October 05, 2008
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