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Julisa is the greatest person you will meet. She's the best person to have as a friend. She's always there for you and will always listen to any problem you may have to either give you advice or try to fix the problem herself to see you smiling again. Julisa is seen with a smile on her face and laughing. She's the best to go to if you are having a bad day. She keeps all of your secrets and will make an excellent girlfriend. Julisa has natural beauty. Even though Julisa may be outgoing and loud she can be shy. She can be made jealous easily. She has a loyal heart and will stay true to whom she loves. She will be by your side in a heartbeat if needed. She is truly the greatest person you will meet.
Julisa is so pretty.

Julisa is such an awesome friend.

She acts like a Julisa.
by Christannn March 13, 2013
the sexciest gurl u will ever meet.....comes from 2 parentz having sex and mixing their names together in the middle of an orgasi m,usually the girl comez out with a big booty and soft pretty freatures this name is realy ghetto only because of the way it is spelled and ayy julisa is realy loud n crazii
dayummm look at dat julisa riite der she got a big o booty n her face be poppin
by tatta August 18, 2008
baddest bitch ever
"You see that girl shes bad as hell reminds me of Julisa"
by allison rodriguez April 17, 2014
A person who is blonde, white, and a preppy cheerleader.
you are such a Julisa!

(Dont worry it's a compliment)
by Julisa April 13, 2004
1.) A redneck puerto rican
2.) a wart
3.) A redneck puerto rican with warts
The Julisa was driving on her motorcycle and had julisas all over her arms.
by jwbutler April 06, 2005
dirty,nasty,ugly person
ewwww u look like julisa
by yung menace March 02, 2009
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