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A sweet girl who really likes having fun and laughing... she's never bad, never sad. Perfect in every way
Juliette... ah the smell of fresh flowers
by Fruitloops May 21, 2004
The perfect girl. She will light up your life from the moment you meet her.

She's smart but not nerdy, hot but not slutty. Beautiful body and a gorgeous smile, and always up for a good time. A Juliet will be the best girlfriend/friend you will ever have, she's the girl you will want to make your wife.

Sexy, athletic, intelligent, loving, and knows how to party. She may seem intimidating, but that is only because she knows what she wants, and knows she needs a real man.
Boy: "Damn, I could never get Juliet. She's so out of my league"

Friend: "What a hottie. I'm gonna go talk to her."
by allthatreallymatters January 20, 2011
The main female half of the famous play by William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet. Portrayed as a gentle, sheltered, rich, and lovestruck teenage girl.
It is the east; and Juliet is the sun.
by Rinoa September 01, 2004
A Juliet is an amazing person. She is beautiful in every way possible. So lovable. Someone you want to be with. Or talk too.

She is smart but she can be very dumb, she's more street smart than book smart. But then again, it depends on the subject.

She thinks differently than others. She most likely adores animals, and if you ask her why she'll say "because they're cute."

She's like a young child. Cute. Juliet does mean youthful in most name dictionaries though. So it makes sense.

A Juliet can be over dramatic and some times. Like if you ask her where her fucking Romeo is she'll cut you. ...Or tell you she is going to cut you, but most likely, i'm pretty sure she won't. She's to innocent to do that. She doesn't really like having people think she's that innocent though. It bothers her. Alot.

Overall, Juliet means; Youthful. Beautiful. Amazing. Lovable. Caring. Smart. Dumb. Cute. Dramatic. Innocent but not as innocent as you think.
Boy 1: Did you talk to Juliet?
Boy 2: Yeah, she's amazing and so amusing. And so beautiful.
Boy 1: Yeah, she really is something.
by Camerion August 23, 2011
A Juliet is pretty damn chell. She does not care about social status and is very loyal. She's gorgeous and has amazing hair. She doesn't realize how awesome she is and is not a conceited fuck like the rest of them, the guys at her school choose to shun her because of her social status and who she hangs out with but if she went to a different less douchey school she would have a boyfie in seconds.. A Juliet is an amazing person, your time with her is precious so don't take advantage of it.
(Juliet) hey wanna hear some new racial slurs?
by Iloveyoumorethenkurtcobain September 30, 2011
An often over-dramatic girl who loves romance. She's often part of drama productions at school (plays, talent shows, etc.) and even if she doesn't get the lead she does a good job. Oh, and if you mention Romeo she'll yell at you, roll her eyes, or not talk to you for a month.
So how was your date?
Dude, the flowers worked, she's such a Juliet.
by jennbunnybear=] April 06, 2009
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