Often a redhead, shy, short, has a big ass and is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!!!! Sometimes "gay" but mainly straight. She's fun to be around and love's to laugh a lot. She always listens to music (like fucking 24/7) and she can always keep a relationship long and lasting. She's strong and is helpful but don't get on her bad side (it's dangerous sometimes fatal Lol not really) she needs to be told she's loved by her partner and or friends. She's an AMAZING kisser :)
Boy: I wish I could have Juliet

Other boy: nahh bruh..she's wayyy outta our leagues

Boy: fuck you universe!! Why does she have to be so gorgeous!!!
by da dogs outta the bag February 13, 2014
loud...very loud, dont mention romeo and juliet or shell bash u
romeo and juliet...shes gonna bash me
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
A big bootied amazingly hot whore face slut
Ooooo she's definently a juliet
by Fattyu July 27, 2011
Often a redhead and a liar. She often looks very young, even if in her lat twenties. She loves attention and will do WHATEVER she can to get it. Does not tell the truth. Ever. Brags about sex, orally and physically, even though NO ONE would touch her.
"Dude, don't be pulling a Juliet on me, tell me the truth!"
by youwillneverknow69 September 11, 2011
A ditzy lolita, who often falls "in love" and then gets married, just for the sex. Often fakes her own death to get "the sex", then due to a series of misunderstandings, actually does kill herself over lack of sex.
"You did him on the first date?"

"Sure, but we got married first."

"You're such a Juliet."
by zombie_fools April 10, 2008

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