his a sweet,intelligent,skillful yet clumsy.

his a misunderstood guy whit a bad past, but not afraid to find love and keep moving forward. his a loyal and a lovable person but a bit short temper. his a pervert that gets horny around of 60 times a day or more. his a innocent guy but yet bad.
he makes any girl in this case his girl hot and wet really fast, making her shake and scream his name.
when his single his a total mess but when he finds love his capable to love that special someone to death.
Julian a light brown skin guy from puertorico
OMG his totally a julian look at that boner! :0
by darklyzation May 11, 2011
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1.Julian is baby boy name means baby boy born from Julius family. People named Julian are always bright guys, have power to influence others, little shy, handsome and always dress updated.
2.Boys called Julian are mysterious with magnetic personality that make bitches fall in love with them

3.Julian is always a cool dude and knows how to keep own privacy making people struggle trying to understand 'em.
4.Always boys called Julian are good counselor
Percy Julian was a very bright guy who did a lot in Chemistry.
I wanna date Julian he is such a cool dude.
I am no longer dating Julian he is a playa.
by julianmosha December 04, 2016
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Someone of the male personage who flies half mast during inappropriate moments i.e one minute silences for lives lost in fires.
Also known to make inappropriate sexual innuendo out of any comment made by a female. Often likes to dance!

girl 1: Are you coming to the movies tonight!
girl 2: Yeah, I'll come.
Boy 1: I bet you will!
girl 1 and 2: Ohhh your such a julian!
by Rice Bubbles April 23, 2009
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The Sexiest Guy To Ever Roam The Earth That Dances With A Group By The Name Of Go-Go-Power-RangERs....................................
Omg I saw Julian At the mall yesterday he was lookin bomb as hell........

Julian looks so delicious sometimes i just want to eat him up ...=)
by Ladii Hollister March 08, 2009
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one of the most amazing and trustworthy people you could ever meet. they generally have really nice hair and eyes you could stare into for no reason. they are very easy to fall for but can break your heart in an instant so be careful. Julians usually will like rock or punk music and can play guitar or bass. they have a great sense of style and are overall amazing people. just don't mess with them and get on their bad side, 'cause they are some badasses.
Did you see Julian with Alex? I heard he beat up Chris because he called her a slut....
by nickbow1124 December 23, 2014
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A migrating nomad more commonly found in the Western Hemisphere. Often seen doing supernatural things such as backpacking from place to place in search of beautiful landscapes and long-lasting experiences.
Amy: "Did you see the Julian?"

Person: "No."

Amy: "That's cause he already left for Sweden."
by TheLoisLane December 22, 2010
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