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The greatest little kid drink ever. Availible in many forms including juice box and fridge size.
-Juicy Juice, 100% Juice for 100% kids

by LaxEric2 April 29, 2006
The sweet liquid that a female occassionally squirts out during ejaculation.
My girlfriend squirted her juicy juice all over my face after I ate her out.
by DirkD January 16, 2007
The beginning skill level/stage at which you can do your P.I.M.P thing.
Also the lowest level at which such a thing could occur.
Man: Hey Baby, lemme get those digits...

Lady:Ahh, hell naw. Come at me when you get some game, right now you're just spittin that juicy juice.
A small, dark furred creature, interested mostly in eating vegetable children, inhaling toxic natural smoke, and drinking rotten fruit extract. Can usaly be seen waering shiny pieces of metal sporting leaves, which obviously leads us to believe she is a nature lover. Also is interesting in forcing pieces of metal through its own flesh. an interesting observation!
Look at Juicy Juices new belt!
by AngieObviously November 26, 2004
its what young girls want to do to boys
hey anna i want to juicy juice that boy
by justin March 04, 2005
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