someone who is late in getting or hard to wake up. someone who likes to lounge around for most of the day with no serious intention of doing much else
its already 2 pm, get up already!

shut up, im tired

youre such a jughead, youve already been sleeping for more than 10 hours!
by deloreshaze November 11, 2005
Heroin addict
"That f**kin jughead has been passed out in my living room for days. He's only woken up to raid my fridge."
by oregoner April 02, 2013
A person from stoke on trent.
So called because one of the main products of the area is pottery.
could of been worse, the other main product is toilets.
I've got nothing against jug heads but I just wish they would stop calling everyone "me duck"
also known as clay heads
by Mr flibble April 18, 2004
Noun. A penis whose crown is larger in girth than the rest of its shaft circumference.
My jughead was hard to get in Katy last night.
by Mike June 19, 2003

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