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An exclamation often yelled amongst Juggaloes when kicking it.
Somewhat like "Whoop, Whoop".
"Whoop, Whoop, Juggalotus!"
by Billy LaPierre September 29, 2006
another word for a truly down ass juggalo. Coined when the words "Juggalo" and "Dark Lotus" are mixed. a juggalotus is down fo life and holds the hatchet high.
I Truly Am A Juggalotus
by Grubb January 05, 2006
simply a DON juggalo, Juggalo who is down and has been down since 4th grade and will be till their dead.
"I'm truely am a JUGGALOTUS"
by Savoy April 11, 2005
A "Juggalotus" is a juggalo (see definition of juggalo) who likes and listens to the music of the Psychopathic records super-group Dark Lotus. This is a combination of ICP, Twiztid, Blaze ya dead Homie, and Anybody Killa. Anybody Killa took the last slot from the artist Mizery, because he turned into a bitch :D.
"What are we listenin' to?"
"Dark Lotus fool!"
"I thought you said you were a juggalo?"
"I am dumbass, I'm a JUGGALOTUS!"
by WckdJuggalotus November 15, 2005
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