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reffering to 100 proof alcohol, or 50% alcohol
Let's go to the beer store get some 100 proof bro.
by Savoy April 11, 2005
Group on Suburban Noize Records made up of D-loc & Bobby B of Kottonmouth Kings.
"Tsunami Brothers droppin' that Tsunami bomb on that ass!"
by Savoy April 11, 2005
Term that originated in Calico Rock, Arkansas. Slang for weed, bud, or resin.
"Ok man i'ma get the 420juice you get the booze"
by Savoy April 11, 2005
Hater (Player hater) of Juggalo's (ICP fans)
"Dude that speaker was a strait up Juggahater he knew nothing bout' the hatchet"
by Savoy April 11, 2005
simply a DON juggalo, Juggalo who is down and has been down since 4th grade and will be till their dead.
"I'm truely am a JUGGALOTUS"
by Savoy April 11, 2005

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