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To hug someone from behind and putting your hands on their boobs.
Before I leave, I'm gonna give Tate a jug hug.
by CNgrandson August 30, 2009
When one, usually a male, hugs a woman who he thinks is hot and presses her breasts against his body/face.
"Dude, I totally saw Morgan yesterday! She's so hot! I just had to jug hug her!"

"Nice man!"
by coolkidd1233 November 13, 2011
This term is used when giving a female who has large breasts a hug where you push up against them enough to feel there breasts on your chest.
Mike: Dude I saw you give Michelle a Jughug.
Fred: Yeah, it was awesome.
by SaionDenkou March 26, 2009
When two breasts from two different women touch together when embracing.
Jug Hug
by EEDD February 12, 2011