Judy is the type of girl you could only find once in a lifetime. She is always happy and giddy even if its one of her worst days. She may get even too foolish that it could get irritating, but shes just trying to cheer you up. Judy has a very warm heart and looks out for anyone. You can trust her with any of your secrets. On the other hand, Judy is very flirtatious. Shes very intelligent in school, but send her to a party and give her a few drinks and she will become a whole new person. Sexy, wild, and fun. Many peoples first impression might be shy and timid, but once you get to know her you will see shes just the best. As a girlfriend, she can be herself around a guy and has a great sense of humor. Smart, beautiful, sexy, funny. Shes the perfect one, so dont let her get away, because she may have other options.
Guy: Man, I wish I could find a Judy some day.
Girl: I have a friend thats a Judy, shes great!
by Indigo Misque February 25, 2013
A hot cocktail waitress with a bangin' bikini body.
That waitress is so Judy!
by tfrizzle April 11, 2010
Term used by gay males when referring to friendship among other gay men. This term is often preceeded by the word good which refers to a very close gay male friend.

This word originated from the actress who played Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ, Judy Garland.
This also became a code word for gay males that referred to themselves and other gay males as a friend of Dorothy's.
"Roger is one of my judies."
"Of course I know Sean!! We're good judies!"
by MTE April 11, 2008
Quite possibly the most attractive person you know or ever will know. Really kind and sweet and has a great sense of humor. One could hang around her for extended periods of time and not get bored. She will always cheer you up even when you're in a bad mood. She's really modest about everything too.
Guy 1: you look happy today
Guy 2: of course I am, I just hung out with Judy!
by Pussy taco eater November 11, 2012
the woaman who conqured the beast warm or cold, morning or night. She holds a dergree in Dr. of Kiss My Ass from the university of Booty makers. Does most of her shopping from her cousin Smiley's flea market in Fletcher NC. where she has learned mexican and mexican cooking and how to use a mexican Ipads.
Judy cooks hot meals.
by Hard ball May 29, 2011
Amongst the gays, great friends and confidants.
Person A: B**** you want to start some shit with me? I will beat your a**

Person B: HA! You ain't ready for my Judies and my Dougies
by G-Queen June 26, 2010
The poping noise in the base of the penis which is caused when the direction of the penis in the vagina is forced to far to the left or right.

Often the Jud-y is in conjunction with a Wallach.
Greg: "I was beating cheeks with the old bag when I heard something fall off the night stand. I jerked my body to the side to see what it was and I Jud-yed so loud I thought I might have to go to the hospital."
by Brian Kang March 04, 2005

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