Judy is the term used for a butch lesbian. A girl that dresses in boys attire and more than likely has a boys hair cut. A girl that is more masculine than feminine. Term is mostly used in the south.
That girl is definitely my type, she is such a judy.
by alicenicolex3 June 18, 2013
A female person of aboriginal descent, usually seen with a stained t shirt stretched over her gunt.
When I went to kfc it happened to be pecker cheque day and there were was alot of judys in there buying a bucket.
by Junior 123456 August 17, 2011
A lesbian. This term was originated by the lesbian community in Colorado due to the fact that there seems to be a disproportionate number of older lesbians named Judy. Judy can be used to refer to any lesbian but it is usually used in context of hot lesbians.
-Check out all the ladies at this show!

-Yeah, this band really brings out the judy crowd.


-All those ladies are lesbians.
by TheColumbian October 05, 2010
Slang term for cocaine. The term refers specifically to cartoon character Judy Jetson, referencing the white color of her hair and how it calls to mind the white color of sweet, sweet cocaine. "Judy" can also be used as code in conversation, so as to refer to the drug without calling undue attention to one's illicit habits, as well as for humorous effect.
1. Judy's been such a frenemy.
2. Will Judy be at so-and-so's house tonight?
by P-8 September 03, 2008
A mother who gives males service of pleasure. She goes on many "business" trips. Now the name can be filled in as an adjective, verb, or noun anywhere in a sentence to replace a sexual preference.
B: so what did you and that chick do last night?

D: Oh she totally gave me a Judy.
by MEGASTEWZ August 18, 2008
An older female name. Most women who have this name are usually in their 60's or older.
Who is that old woman in the hot tub over there.
Oh, that must be Judy soaking her poor aching joints.
by mayan June 04, 2008
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