A person who is very hott.
Damn,that girl over there is judy.
by yummmy November 11, 2006
The poping noise in the base of the penis which is caused when the direction of the penis in the vagina is forced to far to the left or right.

The Jud-y is often in conjunction with a Wallach.
Greg: "I was beating cheeks with the old bag when I heard something fall off the night stand. I jerked my body to the side to see what it was and I Jud-yed so loud I thought I might have to go to the hospital."

Curt: "Criminy"
by Brian Kang March 04, 2005
A giant bully. So mean. She will take your heart, which you gladly give her, and squish it like a small grape. Your heart is nothing more than a grape to her.

Some don't understand the level of evil that resides within her. But don't be fooled, she is a carnivorous, man-eating, horrible singing thing.

Don't trust a Judy.
Person 1-Ohmygod! Judy is coming!

Person 2-Oh no! Hide your children! Hide your dogs! Hide your credit cards!
by Scott Pepperdean April 09, 2014
A hot cocktail waitress with a bangin' bikini body.
That waitress is so Judy!
by tfrizzle April 11, 2010
(Jew-Dee)Other Terms: Judith, thats judy.

Judy-To demonstrate behavior in a shady or skiddish manor. Someone who is a judy is a person who acts in deviant behavior. Also known as "Jive turkey"
Joe your a judy man" or "dude thats totally judy
by Raymoundo July 29, 2011
is judy wearing a green dress tonight, or is she in evening black?
by cutecouple029 February 09, 2010
Judy is the term used for a butch lesbian. A girl that dresses in boys attire and more than likely has a boys hair cut. A girl that is more masculine than feminine. Term is mostly used in the south.
That girl is definitely my type, she is such a judy.
by alicenicolex3 June 18, 2013

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