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One who would denounce your faggotry but is too busy being delicious.
Judge Fudge would denounce your faggotry, but he is too busy being delicious.
by webhead January 18, 2007
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Pretty self explanatory - a person that can get away with anything because they're being so delicious...(aka SWASP team aka Weave aka Vicki aka Cinnamon)
People call me Judge Fudge because I'm so delicious
by pakmanrai October 17, 2007
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A name given to a special husky, the name can help stimulate reproduction and awareness to things around him/her.
Your new husky Judge Fudge is amazing, the litter she had was just astonishing from her reproduction and the litter are so active and aware.
by ThatFudgyGuy November 19, 2010
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