It means to beat it off. You know spank the monkey. Slap the Salami. Stroke the Salmon. ect..

Judgin FTW (the wow crew)
My mom caught me judgin'(Judge) last night but I turned around and came on her chest anyhow...
by Matt "The Nub" LaClair March 22, 2007
A noun to name an object or an action that is at risk of negative comments or criticism from an individual.
Trang: I was going to wear these super-flashy, polka-dotty, ginormous earrings today to San Francisco.
Carol: Dude, that would've been SO judge.
Cathy: OMG, THOSE earrings?? Those are hella judge!
by m0chi March 19, 2009
Someone who refers to this site for Judicial Statements.
The UK Judge could not make a ruling for the slang, even though consulting The Urban Dictionary. (This is true BTW)
by Majicman October 07, 2003
Dispenser of justice - usually hated by left wing idiots such as those that frequent this board - adminster the law to all the loser, idiotic morons who think they run the show.
The judge threw your ass in jail because your a crook and a thug.
by Judge Judy961 July 13, 2006
Noun - A middle-class white man with a dead rabbit on his head who hasn't got a clue about fairness or reality, is generally and imbecile, and has an over-inflated perception of his own importance, righteousness and intellect.
The judge decided that even though the black man was in Outer Mongolia at the relevant time, he must have invented a way to teleport to Texas and ought to be executed.
by 4MA June 10, 2003
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