The unmerciful uncivilized unfair pieces of shit they hire in the so-called "judicial system" which is about the biggest crock of shit there is out there.

Judges are pansies, often punishing the innocent and letting the guilty walk free. That's why nobody has faith in the judicial system anymore. You're better off to take the law into your own hands.

Ever been to divorce court? The judge almost always hears out the womans side of the case and totally ignores the mans side.

In most cases 99% of the time the woman is fucking gold digging bitch looking to milk the innocent man of all he's worth and then some. When the man talks of how he can't handle it because he doesn't make that much the judge throws the book at the guy, often holding him in contempt and telling him how he's a deadbeat because he can't afford to fund his soon to be ex wifes luxurious lifestyle with her new man that she was cheating on her faithful soon to be ex husband to start with.
Judges are pussy ass pansies that will one day be judged themsevles by God before they burn in hell next to all the layers.
by Judge ass kicker December 11, 2006
A pompous old fart who sits in a high chair and dishes out sentences like there's no tomorrow. The idea is to beg for your life otherwise the judge will give you a harsher penalty. Usually this proves useless and the judge screws you over anyway.
Judges are fascist cunts.
by Fuck the law January 31, 2006
1. adj. -Overly supercilious; overly strict

2. noun -War criminal

3. noun -Nazi

4. noun -Slave master; chain runner

5. noun -Prison Warden
God damn, Judge needs to chill out with the seating bullshit.

Just the other day, Martin was acting Judge with me, I told him to fuck off.
by C Castro November 13, 2007
1. A combat law enforcement agent and mediator in Square-Enix's Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the GBA. These individuals would oversee the battle and enforce the daily laws with rewards for performing recommended actions, and punishment for breaking the law. Later in the game, said laws could be counteracted with special law cards, which could erase and create new laws.
2. An elite branch of the Archadian Imperial Military from Square-Enix's Final Fantasy XII for PS2. These distinguished warriors wear unique and elaborate suits of armor that mirrored the armor of the above judges.
1. Weak, Fire was outlawed and I accidentally used my fighter's Backdraft! Now the Judge just sent him to prison!

2. Holy crap, I'm up against some Judge and a handful of Imperial Soldiers... Gotta kill the weaklings first...
by aka_Pyro May 10, 2007
Celebrationg too much after scoring a goal on a computer game.
Look at Dean, hes doing a Judge!
by Flembod March 31, 2009
A scale.. the 'judge' judges how much drugs you got weighed and how much the customer owes you
you want to take it to the judge so i can prove thats how much is there
by ...Kylie...CSe November 20, 2005
Another word for an autistic child.

The reasoning behind this is because in the late 1800's judges in court systems were only hired if they had clinically diagnosed aspergers/autism.
Also because most male humans named by this have un-diagnosed autism or aspergers and is unresponsive to other humans who try to interact with this "Judge"
Studies show only 5.9% of Judges are not autistic or Filipino leaving 94.1% having those characteristics.

Judge: Hell has no fear, like a woman's hand.
Kid: What?
Judge *mumbles* *hand completely submerged within undergarments.
Judge: Hell has no fear, like a woman's hand.
Kid: What?
Judge *mumbles* *hand completely submerged within undergarments.
by Cool Cat Copolsde June 13, 2011
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