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Irritatingly upbeat personality, Beckham voiced U.K. superstar trance DJ, purveyor of "Huge Choonz". Like the essential mix should of been banished from the Radio 1 playlist in 1995.
Heard on the dance floor in Gatecrasher 1998 "doesn't matter how many pills I've eaten, Judge Jules isn't nudging my fudge"
by dre.dre November 26, 2010
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1. A major DJ for the ministryy of sound
2. Jamays dad
1. Dude judge hules is a wicked dj
2. "Jamay, get off the computer!" said judge jules
by AC January 06, 2005
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Judge Jules is a British dance music DJ. Born on October 26, 1965 as Julius O'Riordan.

Judge Jules plays weekly on Radio 1, every Saturday night between 7-9PM.

During the summer season, Judge Jules plays his weekly event called "Judgement Sunday" at the club Eden in Ibiza every Sunday. This is claimed to be San Antonio's busiest night.
Judge Jules, building your appetite for a Saturday night.
by RichM October 03, 2006
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