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Irritatingly upbeat personality, Beckham voiced U.K. superstar trance DJ, purveyor of "Huge Choonz". Like the essential mix should of been banished from the Radio 1 playlist in 1995.
Heard on the dance floor in Gatecrasher 1998 "doesn't matter how many pills I've eaten, Judge Jules isn't nudging my fudge"
by dre.dre November 26, 2010
Hillbilly term for goth. Any redneck fucktard who thinks wearing kabuki make up and dressing up as one of the Addams family is cool. Like after 1985.
The teenagers in the town used to hangout at the cemetery, unironically dress like extras from the Thriller set and chug beer. Goddamn tomb queers.
by dre.dre December 10, 2010

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