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what's the difference between judge Judy and a trampeline?

You take off your shoes when you jump on a trampeline.
The apacolypse
by Max November 10, 2003
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An avatar of Satan. Judge Judy seduces simple minded human beings into its media courtroom with promises of financial rewards and celebrity if they renounce Justice. Having renounced Justice, the litigants are then subjected to Judge Judy's derision, ridicule, sarcasm, and hatred. Judge Judy supports and nourishes itself on the psychological pain and suffering it inflicts on those foolish enough to renounce Justice for money and fame.
Judge Judy came into being when Malevolent Intent fornicated with the Electronic Media. Judge Judy was nursed by the witch Joyful Cruelty and raised by Ratingswar. Judge Judy is destined to preside in its electronic courtroom until the Judgement Day when Judge Judy will be defeated by Justice.
by Maureen Raye March 26, 2007
88 36
verb-to be told off or schooled by an older woman; usually she's right, of course. Similar to this is judge joe brown, which is getting told off or schooled by an older man.

noun-to act like the TV judge; scolding, cranky, judgemental (I know judges should be judgemental, but she takes it too far). There is currently no noun form for judge joe brown, due to his less annoying style of juris prudence.
tommy: hey asshole! get off that car or you'll be judge judy'd by the principal!
timmy: hey asshole too! our principal is a dude!
tommy: in that case you'll get judge joe browned!!
tammy: hey assholes! why don't you both get the hell out of here? i'm sick of seeing you losers just hanging around and making noise and......(long rant here)....................!!!!
tommy: what a bitch!
timmy: no, she's a judge judy!!
by earpuller September 26, 2005
101 56
A court "judge" who appears on her own court TV show. She likes to call other people idiots because she is insecure since she herself is a complete idiot. Common ridiculous quotes from her include:

You know what you are? You're a NERD.

Shut up, NERD!

It's because I'm smart.

It's because YOU'RE AN IDIOT!
I watched Judge Judy yesterday and lost all hope in humanity.

When I saw Judge Judy's face on the television, I screamed and spontaneously combusted.

After listening to Judge Judy, I lost all ability to reason.
by okamiimiyazaki December 05, 2010
48 13
SEE-Bitch, Look for picture.
Judge Judy decides cases on what you look or act like, not on what the facts are!
by asiseesem January 18, 2008
51 27
A high-rated TV Judge that likes to berate and talk down to her "litigants" in her courtroom with her annoying New York accent. She says things like "Do I have stupid written across my forehead?" She calls people idiot, moron, dumb and dumber, and "genious" (being sarcastic) among others.
Judge Judy, wheather you love her or hate her, is the highest rated Judge on tv and has been on the air longer than any of them.
by krock1dk May 09, 2008
38 27
A hilarious show on CBS. Basically, there's this nasty, old, bitchy women, like the perfect stereotype librarian, called "Judge Judy." She's actually a judge for real court cases, but very minor ones. Idiots who have never heard of the show will be delighted of the idea of being on television, and will not realize that they are about to be humiliated. Such cases include: "She broke my ipod!" "He borrowed my car when he wasn't supposed to!" "He's stalking me!" Often people are just really, really stupid...and fat. Judge Judy will tell them to shut up, the crowd will laugh at them, amongst other things. It's a great show.
Person A: Dude, do you watch Judge Judy?

Person B: WTF is that shit. Fag.

Person A: No, it's fuckin' hilarious, funnier than South Park.
by MrSaturn33 June 17, 2010
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