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You're just seeing how far it'll go, aren't you?
A twelvesome has just never been done. It just hasn't.
by MrSaturn33 January 27, 2011
A very intellectual magazine known for its interesting and fascinating articles.
Person A: Have you read playboy? They have such an interesting article on the theory of relativity!

Person B: Yes, but all of those obscene pictures make the magazine very difficult to read!
by MrSaturn33 October 04, 2009
Like to come out, but in the middle of sex, often during ejaculation.
Girl: Oh yeah baby, give it to me!

Guy: Oh, oh oh!!! Oh baby, I gotta tell you something!

Girl: Yeah?

Guy: Oh! I'm gay!

Girl: Did you just cum out?
by MrSaturn33 May 19, 2010
A hilarious show on CBS. Basically, there's this nasty, old, bitchy women, like the perfect stereotype librarian, called "Judge Judy." She's actually a judge for real court cases, but very minor ones. Idiots who have never heard of the show will be delighted of the idea of being on television, and will not realize that they are about to be humiliated. Such cases include: "She broke my ipod!" "He borrowed my car when he wasn't supposed to!" "He's stalking me!" Often people are just really, really stupid...and fat. Judge Judy will tell them to shut up, the crowd will laugh at them, amongst other things. It's a great show.
Person A: Dude, do you watch Judge Judy?

Person B: WTF is that shit. Fag.

Person A: No, it's fuckin' hilarious, funnier than South Park.
by MrSaturn33 June 17, 2010
Google's failed attempt to steer away horny girls from searching the obvious.
When I was searching --- ----- ----- on Google, the suggestion was Big Black Cocktail Rings. 101 f@1L
by MrSaturn33 November 02, 2009

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