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A mysterious individual roaming around Baghdad and sniping coalition soldiers with astounding accuracy. So far, they have remained elusive and mysterious, never leaving a trail and always covering their tracks.
Dude. My battalion got p'wned by Juba. Wtf?
by Xvall August 06, 2005
1. Jewish Baker

Ju = (german) jude
Ba = (dutch) bakker
Are you a Juba, a jewish baker?
by SpeedyGonzalez May 01, 2013
An African tribal dance composed of the violent clapping of the labia majora, resulting in profuse swelling and blistering
They always make the American missionaries take part in the juba before they leave.
by prariedogger January 26, 2009
1. (noun) A term that desribes various web sites in which you want to check the status of (email, myspace, facebook, ect.)

2. (verb) The action of checking your various accounts when you don't intend on spending more than the time it takes to do so online.
Allen: Can I use you internet to check my juba.

Stan: Hey, if you're online i wanna show you this video on youtube.

Nancy: Not now, I'm only gonna juba.
by the_brokenlink March 28, 2010
1) a complex southern plantation dance that usually involves complicated clapping and thigh slapping.
2) dancing of any sort.

1)"Boy that durn juba last night was oen hell of a shindig".
2) "Talkin to me Juba to jive!"(she asked me to dance) quoted in 9 lives by aerosmith
by chris wilson (canadian) January 01, 2006
is an african beer like a milk stout, traditional zulu beer
Pass me a Juba Dad, mum has dried up
by Rick January 07, 2005
short for jewbitch
kick that juba jenna in the face
by joojoo February 25, 2003
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