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Best Final Fantasy character ever.
Kefka: "Son of a submariner!"
by Xvall September 24, 2005
A significant political figure that advocates the safety and security of the working class more than any other candidate running for office. Democrats oftentimes like to call Ralph a 'spoiler' because several thousand people voted for him in Florida. Not only is this a concieded notion, (that if Nader hadn't run for office, all of the people who voted for him would have immediately cast their vote towards gore) but they fail to realize that over 250,000 self-identified Democrats voted for George Bush in Florida. Strangely enough, the Democrats do not even bother to scold them. Moreover, a Democratic exit poll showed that Ralph’s votes came 25% from Republicans, 38% from Democrats, and the rest were nonvoters who would have only voted for Ralph.
No one is entitled to votes. They must be earned. Nowhere in the constitution are political parties even mentioned. If a certain party is loosing followers to another party, maybe they just aren't trying hard enough.
by Xvall November 24, 2004
A mysterious individual roaming around Baghdad and sniping coalition soldiers with astounding accuracy. So far, they have remained elusive and mysterious, never leaving a trail and always covering their tracks.
Dude. My battalion got p'wned by Juba. Wtf?
by Xvall August 06, 2005

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