Someone who is a bit of a loner
A girl is sitting on her own, without any friends.
by Suey R June 02, 2005
A group of up to five jibs. An individual jub will usually embark together on crazy schemes to steal pie.
"There are two jubs over there having a gang war."
by Ultimastrike November 21, 2004
Noun- a big tit
Verb- to grab a big tits
Noun- Check out that chick's jubs
Verb-I dare you to jub that chick over there.
by Jubbernaut June 08, 2004
"to lube one's anus, using one's bill"
ducks show a keen interest in the art of jubbing,
Jub my anus, you jubber, jub off, why arnt you jubbing yet, jub me you jubbing jubber
by adam barker March 06, 2004
1. Someone who gets completely fucked on gear and starts laughing and being a knob.
2. Jubbing out - like tripping out but involves laughing and acting like a twat.
"Tha boy can't hack his tings for shit, he's jubbing off 1 zoot!"
by MC Reefa April 09, 2004
1)someone who is affected by a dibillitating diesease such as down syndrome

2)someone who is under the influence of drugs
1)"look at that jub who just fell over"

2)"I've smoked to much weed and I'm jubbing out"
by D-eX April 07, 2004
A lonely person, a person on their own.
To be on your jub
He/She is a jub
To feel jubful (lonely)
by Jean February 01, 2005

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