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A person who has nearly no life and barely passes things in life.
Who was that we just played?
Oh that was Jstup, He's a beast.
by Jstup March 07, 2009
The kid that sits at his desk and plays computer games all day. Also gets angry at SolidWorks and freaks out when his computer doesn't have WiFi. Though he is an amazing friend. He needs to learn to stop hurting himself. Jeez Jstup.
That one kid : Stupplesack.

That other kid: What game are you playing?

That other one kid: Heh, Jstup. How'd you hurt yourself this time?

The one kid no one cares about: Hey Jstup look what I can do! *gets hit in the balls and can't feel anything*
by thatonepersonthatdoesntcare April 13, 2011
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