The dangerous activity of trying to have sex while driving a car.
John and Kathy rolled up there car last night. they were joy sticking.
by Deep Blue 2012 September 08, 2009
Top Definition
When a guy moves their thumbs under a girls boobs in a joystick like motion because the guy wants to get a boob feel "subtly".
"Dude Henry was totaly joysticking on that girl, do you think she noticed?"

"Of course she noticed, you could practicalyy hear the Pac-Man noises, Beep boop beeep."
by Berkely Prison Camp December 14, 2010
when your retarded girlfriend does not grasp the simple concept of the rutine up and down motion of a hand job. instead, she violently jerks it side to side, or even 360 degrees. (for you poor souls)
Dude, my retarded girlfriend was joy sticking me so bad it just snapped off!
by chuck & jack July 26, 2006
the act of fondling one's genitals while playing computer games.
Andrew and Dan were joysticking while playing Age of Empires II.
by Joy Stick April 07, 2008
Sexual act in which an inexperienced female jacks a guy off, flailing his meat around like a joystick.
Guy 1 "Bro! Trish just whacked off my spam javelin last night!"
Guy 2 "Holy duck fuck! Did she joystick it?"
Guy 1 "Dude, she joysticked me so hard she got the joysticking high score"
Guy 2 "Which was..."
Guy 1 "A mouthful of my baby yoghurt"
by trolololololol December 12, 2010
To be getting a hand job while your girls behind you while your playing x box 360. while your homie is right next to you
remember. About last night how we were joy sticking lastnight
by Josh mahute July 01, 2010
When a woman has no experience giving hand jobs and jerks the penis around in a joystick motion
bro she was joysticking me last night it was terrible
by Nothunterself December 18, 2013
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