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Some girl
She's a Joyce!
by adslfkjd March 23, 2013
A female person that is cute for everything she does even if its stupid. A very playful person. Even though she can be sassy at times, she is still an extremely lovable person.
Joyce: You're my new best friend.
Devin: You're my new best friend too!
Devin: yah, totes.
by HerNewBFFForever April 06, 2013
Verb: To carry out a task with hilarious and/or disastrous results.
Timmy pulled a Joyce when he went to his exams without any pens, then finding out he had no exams to begin with.

Michael Joyced up when he relieved his bowels in the department store display toilets, only then to make it worse by telling the manager that he had broken said toilet as it would no longer flush.
by SneakyHorse January 15, 2012
A girl who loves John.
Guy1: Which whore sucked you off last night?
John: This random girl named Joyce, apparently, she loves me
by Lynden1997 February 20, 2012