Verb: To carry out a task with hilarious and/or disastrous results.
Timmy pulled a Joyce when he went to his exams without any pens, then finding out he had no exams to begin with.

Michael Joyced up when he relieved his bowels in the department store display toilets, only then to make it worse by telling the manager that he had broken said toilet as it would no longer flush.
by SneakyHorse January 15, 2012
Top Definition
first of all. if you know a joyce, youre damn lucky. if youre friends with one, youre the luckiest person in the whole world, perhaps universe.

a joyce has qualities of an unbelievably amazing person. shes lovable, funny, gorgeous, trustworthy, loyal, breathtaking, sweet, and they are incredibly caring and understanding.
person 1: whos that person, she looks so awesome
person 2: thats joyce, she is so sweet. her friends are really lucky to have her.
person 1: wow.
by someoneperhaps January 30, 2010
The nicest, most wonderful girl you will ever meet! She is so sweet and caring. She takes a lot of crap from people and is still whole hearted towards everyone, especially her friends.

She is very, very cute! She would be the perfect girlfriend, respecting you every step of the way, defending you and staying by your side no matter what.

Anyone would be lucky to meet anyone like a Joyce
Yeah that's Joyce
by baller143 December 26, 2010
Stunning! The best person you will ever meet in your whole entire life! She is full of energy and free spirited. She can be calm at times but not for long! She has the most precious face and the best body ever! She can make you laugh and entertain you no matter what kind of mood you are in. She is sooo SEXY and did I say intelligent? She can party but knows her limits......... She may seem nice on the outside which is mostly true, but if you pick the wrong bone she will pull out a fight and a disastrous one! She is probably the best person in the world that ever faced the Earth and the closest thing to perfect there is! Come on you cant ignore that face. She is a totally a understanding person who can pick you off your feet because she is so caring and strong! I know a Joyce and i still remember that day! She is soo amazing and you wont get the full feeling until you meet one Well, all i can say is dont take her for granted when you meet a Joyce because she'll get you back! She can be manipulative in so many ways so watch out! Born a the best and the best sexiest body! Born to be the BEST!!
Joyce, Stunning,
by Don'twishyouknewaJoyce? February 25, 2013
Phenomenal, just sayin (:

Joyce is innocent and LOVES unicorns!
She's fuckin great, no lie. If you know a Joyce, don't mess with her cause you don't know what kinda shit she'll do to you.
Knowing a Joyce is the best thing you'll ever have in your life!
Guy: Dudee, who's Joyce?
Other Guy: Only the most amazing person on the planet!
by Her Familia January 18, 2011
Joyce is happiness. Joyce is life. Joyce is the light in every person's life she touches. When Joyce walks in a room, sometimes you can't help but stare at her because she radiates beauty and style with her presence. FASHIONISTA. Fun. Popular. LEADER & never a follower. Her eyes are like no one elses. Her BODY is perfect and proportionate. Her hair is soft and always smells great. A Joyce is a healer. FUNNY. A great friend that'll make you laugh til you cry/your stomach hurts. A Joyce is beautiful inside and out. Joyce is the "favorite" in the group which causes her to have some haters/enemies that crave her spot. Her warmth draws people in her presence. She attracts attention because of her enigma. Book smart AND street smart. A Joyce loves to laugh, eat, and SHOP. She is independent. AMBITIOUS. Understanding. Loyal. Definitely a smoker rather than a drinker. Joyce is extremely creative. She loves art/ poetry and beautiful things. Joyce is philosphical. A Joyce loves natural things and is always curious because she loves knowledge. She is VERY spiritual.
I knew Joyce would win prom queen!
by shit4later January 07, 2015
A girl who believes that the thug life chose her and tries to look thug. She chose the thug life, the thug life didn't choose her.
Joyce: Yo, I'm going to pose thug for my picture.
Devin: No, sorry. You look too cute to be thug.
by WannabeThugLifeBuddies April 08, 2013
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