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The vibrating sensation you get when the person you are sodomizing farts across your penis.
"Putting up with the smell was well worth it to get to experience that wonderful Joy Buzzer across my dong!"
by Tasty Trevor December 10, 2008
Noun - A small vibrator designed to stimulate a woman's clitoris or "Joy Button".
Diane twitched uncontrollably when I placed the Joy Buzzer on her Joy Button.
by Chuck D. Bones September 17, 2009
When you shake another person's hand with a little turd in your palm.
After waking me up early on a Saturday morning, I greeted the Girl Scout with a joy buzzer.
by eji May 01, 2006
Shaking someone's hand with a little turd in your palm.
I just quit my job, and on the way out, I gave my boss the joy buzzer!
by eji April 18, 2006
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